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Canada is one of those countries around the world known for promoting multiculturalism. With the highest immigration rates, it welcomes thousands of foreign nationals of diverse nationalities every year. Some of these immigrants are individuals with essential skill sets and work experiences which help them obtain Permanent Residency and boost Canada’s economy. If you are one of those people who aim to work and live in Canada, then the LMIA program is the right path for you.

LMIA, i.e. Labour Market Impact Assessment, is a procedure of labour market verification initiated by the Canadian government. The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) confirms a job offer of an international worker through LMIA, ensuring that the employment will positively impact the Canadian labour market. The LMIA program of Canada process requires the employer to submit all the necessary documents and information related to the job position. It also necessitates the employer to provide all information regarding the total number of Canadian and permanent resident candidates who have undergone the hiring procedure. Additionally, it also requires the employer to state the reasons why the candidates weren’t able to meet the hiring criteria.

Results of the LMIA process: The results can either be positive or negative. An employer can hire a foreign worker to fill the position by acquiring a positive LMIA, also known as a confirmation letter. A positive result demonstrates that a foreign worker is truly needed for the position, as no Canadian or permanent resident candidates were qualified. The temporary foreign worker can now apply for a work permit through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Foreign workers require the following to apply for a work permit:

  • A job offer letter
  • A copy of the LMIA
  • A contract
  • The LMIA number

Types of LMIA

    1. Express Entry LMIA: Express Entry LMIA supports the applications filed under the Express Entry Program to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada. The system grants 50 or 200 CRS points ( as per the position) to the holder of positive LMIA.
    2. Regular LMIA: This type of LMIA supports applications under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program for granting a work permit. Once the employer obtains the LMIA, the foreign worker is eligible to apply for a work permit.
    3. High-wage Earner Position: In the case of high-wage positions, employers are required to complete a transition plan which outlines the aim of permanent employment of a worker at a position which is currently held by a temporary foreign worker.
    4. Low-wage Earner Position: The LMIA procedure for low-wage earner positions is different from the one mentioned above. In this case, positive LMIA results of low-wage jobs enable employers in Canada to hire foreign workers for only a year. Companies with more than 10 employees are only permitted to have 10% of their workforce as low-wage workers. You can learn more about them by consulting our LMIA consultants in Canada.

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