Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent) Visa 2022: A complete guide on the PR visa of Australia

Point-based Skilled Permanent Residency Visa Work in Australia with this PR work visa, a points-based visa for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, a state or territory, or a family member. 

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Australia PR Visa - Complete Guide

Australia's permanent residence relates to migrating there with family from the home country. Being the world's most urbanized country, Australia has ample employment opportunities. It's immensely famous for beaches and reefs also. Over the years, people have been highly demanded in Australia for work. Australia PR Visa for work or any such reasons can prove to be a blessing. With the advancement of time, Australia has been seeing an upward graph guaranteeing growth in employment and economy making it easier for people to settle there and progress. The process, the requirements, and everything else are mentioned in detail below. This is your complete guide for obtaining a Permanent Residence Visa for Australia.

What is an Australia PR Visa?

Australia permanent residency visa is legal permission for a person from a foreign country to settle in the territory permanently. Generally Australian permanent resident visas are provided for family or skilled based reasons. The exact details about other visa options are provided below. You can choose an appropriate option and apply for a permanent residency visa accordingly. In 2019, two more clauses were opened specially for skilled workers.

When is an Australia PR Visa Required?

Getting permanent residency (or) in Australia is only for people who intend to stay there personally or professionally. They are exemp0irement for a permanent residency visa in Australia is mainly for work or studies. It may also prove helpful when someone is willing to enrol in Australia's national healthcare system, to buy property as well. Permanent Residency Visas can enable the work and study of an individual in any part of the concerned country.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Australia PR Visa?

Australia PR Requirements need you to score at least 65 points. If you score lower than the said points, you will not be allowed. These points are based on your age, education, and experience. Other important points for Australia PR eligibility are mentioned below:

  •  Age: a person should be under 45 years of age to be eligible for a PR Visa for Australia.
  •  Anyone applying for an Australian PR Visa should know the English language very well. If the person isn't well-spoken, it may lower the points.
  •  Educational skills should be precise. It's very necessary to have authentic qualifications since you will be working in the country. As we talk about points, here is a list of things and their points mentioned.
  •  25-33 years of age-30 points.
  •  8 bands of English proficiency-20 points.
  •  In Australia work experience is 20 points.
  •  8-10 years of work experience outside Australia-15 points
  •  Studied in the regional area get 5 points
  •  State sponsorship get 5 points
  •  Applicants without a spouse - 5 points

The above points can be taken into consideration to obtain a required score. The more the score, the more are the chances of getting accepted.

What is the Process for Australia PR Visa?

Australia PR process is easy only if you're aware of the entire process well. Any kind of irresponsible behaviour can delay or cancel your application. To start with, below mentioned are the Australian PR Visa Processing steps:

  •  First and foremost, all the points in eligibility criteria should be fulfilled, and make sure you reach more than 65 points as required.
  •  Australian authorities accept PTE, TOEFL tests to check English proficiency. And also, a skill assessment test should be done So make sure you've passed these.
  •  The next step is to provide all the information on the online portal Skill select for Australia. The purpose of this information is to select the type of visa you're willing to have. Now they have three types of visas, two of which are permanent residence, they are:
    1. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
    2. Skilled nominated Visa 190

The other one left is a temporarily available Visa for 5 years, which can later be modified for a permanent residence visa. That one is Skilled Regional Subclass 491. This entire process is called Expression of Interest (EOI).

After this, if all the requirements are well met, you'll receive an ITA, that is, an Invitation to apply.

  •  After receiving that, within 60 days, an application for Permanent residency should be made. All personal and professional documents should be provided.
  •  Along with that, a medical test certificate should also be provided after getting all the tests done and a police clearance certificate should also be submitted.

After this process is done thoroughly, you'll receive a PR visa.

What Are the Different Types of Australia PR Visa?

There several reasons why someone would want a permanent residency visa, by which, PR Visas are classified as below:

  •  Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):Someone who has taken a skills test and has been nominated by the state or territorial government can apply for this Visa. Skilled Nominated Visa is for skilled workers.
  •  Work-stream permanent residence visas:This type of visa is for people who specialize in a certain skill that is needed by the Australian government or by any employer there. It means that people who have been sponsored by some employer or people with skills that the government requires can apply for this type of visa.
  •  Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)This one is completely the opposite of a work-stream visa. This is applied when there is no sponsor or government requirement. It's based on the test score that you need to get above 65. The points are based on your personal and professional characteristics. For instance, if you're less than 45 years of age, you get 30 points.
  •  Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491)Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa is a temporary one. That is, you get to stay there for 5 years, to study or to work. After the completion of 5 years, PR Visa can be applied for.
  •  Family-stream permanent residence visas:As the name suggests, a family stream permanent residence visa is for anyone who has a relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, or a New Zealand citizen. They include partners, children, parents, or carers who are going to provide long term care for some relatives.
  •  Business or investment-stream permanent residence visas:Business or investment steam PR visa allows for a provisional visa holder to have business or investment activities in the country, staying in.

Which Documents Required for Australia PR Visa?

Australia PR requirements include personal and professional documents, the majority of which are mentioned below:

  •  2 passport size photographs
  •  Birth Certificate
  •  Character certificate
  •  Police Clearance Certificate
  •  Educational Report
  •  Application form
  •  Proof of nomination
  •  English Test results
  •  Business reference letters
  •  Spouse's skilled test, if applying.

These are the basic necessary documents to be submitted within 60 days of getting an invitation to apply for a PR visa.

How Much Time Does A PR Visa Take?

Australia immigration consultants are easy to find, there are several service providers and they can efficiently get all the work done in time. An Australian immigration agent would probably take 10 months to get done with the entire procedure. The time required may vary from country to country. Some applications even take 9 months to get done. The skill assessment generally takes 2 months. Visa application should be submitted within 2 months of getting the invitation to apply (ITA). The authorities take 3-5 months to check through your profile after that, and then the visa is granted.

What is The Cost for An Australia PR Visa Application?

Australia permanent residence visa cost is varied for each step of the application. The total cost is estimated to be AUD 4045. When professional services are used for the same, the cost varies as well. Each step of the application, skill assessment and more requires a fee. When the application process starts, the skills of the concerned person are verified by the Australian authorities, the police clearance certificate and medical certificate, the English assessment, and the state sponsorship for Visa of Subclass 190 all of them require different amounts.

The few amounts change over the period. If there is a gap between application and immigration, the changed amount will have to be paid. Health insurance, airfare, and miscellaneous costs will also be included.

Where to Apply for an Australia PR visa?

Applying for Australia PR is easier said than done. The process is crucial and detailed. Any kind of mistake or fraud will not be taken lightly. The authorities make a thorough and proper check of all the minute things about the concerned person. So, when one is willing to apply for permanent residency in Australia, professional help should be taken. The skilled team can easily and smoothly get the entire process done.

At Visa Studio, efficiency, punctuality, and honesty are provided in abundance. The team knows the complete procedure and is well aware of the obstacles that may arise. They are trustworthy and can help in every manner possible through customer care service that is available 24/7.

How to Check Australia PR Visa Online?

Skilled independent visas for Australia can be applied for and checked online. Several sites provide proper information about your application and its status. You have to enter your personal information and the identification number and the exact status will be provided. Service providers can also provide exact status. This also depends on what service providers you go for. VEVO can be put to use at any time for this. It's an app for getting all the details. You have to get a number and enter the asked information on the official website.

How Visa Studio Will Help You to Get an Australia PR Visa?

Visa Studio is a team of professionals that get all the visa and documents related stuff ready for you without any hassle. It's very important to choose the correct service provider as we are trusting them with personal information. Visa Studio is one destination for all services like attestation, travel guide, and visas. They've been working for almost a decade now. Visa Studio Team can make your procedure easier for an Australian PR Visa because of the following reasons:

  •  Transparency:The team is completely trustworthy. They take care of all the confidentiality terms and don't give anyone a chance of doubt. They are pretty open about their reviews and work and make sure they provide you with honesty.
  •  Experience:The team is working day and night for so many years in the same field making them completely aware of the entire general know-how. They make sure that this knowledge comes in handy and the process runs smoothly.
  •  Customer care:For the team, customer care is a priority. This is evident as they provide a 24/7 helpline to ensure all your queries are sorted and you are well updated on the work you've trusted them with.

With that being said, getting Australian PR becomes easy as the team is completely efficient and smooth working. They may help in getting work done in a lesser time even.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much bank balance is required for an Australian PR Visa?

There is no minimum requirement for bank balance for Australia PR. But bank statements of the last 3 months should be provided. They should contain a minimum closing balance of AUD 5000.

What are the medical tests required for an Australia PR Visa?

A list of medical certificates to obtain for Australia PR are mentioned below:

  •  Hepatitis test
  •  HIV test
  •  Tuberculosis
  •  Pregnancy test
  •  Chest X-Ray
  •  Clear urine test

While going for these tests females mustn't be having their menstrual cycle as well.

Can I withdraw my application for an Australia PR Visa?

If due to any unfortunate circumstances, a cancellation of an Australian PR visa is to be done, you're only lawfully allowed if the authorities haven't decided on your visa. The process will involve filing a form 1446 and then after the cancellation is done, you may then ask for a refund.

Can I obtain an Australia PR Visa without a travel agent?

Australia PR visa can be applied for without any agents or consultants provided that you have fair and complete knowledge of the entire process. Any unfair practice or fraudulent activities would not be tolerated. so, it’s recommended to get your Permanent Residency Visa for Australia with a professional travel agent.


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