Study Visa Malaysia: Everything You Need to Know to be a Student in 2022

Focused specifics on everything you must know to pursue higher education in Malaysia.

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When studying in Malaysia, you will have an advantage of living in a plural and multicultural society. International students studying in Malaysia are invariably exposed to ethnic diversities in the country. They live a value-added life with a global outlook and better understanding of different cultures. Read along to understand this better.

Why Should You Study in Malaysia?

The country has its best not only in the tourism sector but education and lifestyle as well.

The entire structure and management of education in Malaysia falls under one roof, The Ministry of Education.

Students from all over the world count on Malaysia to fulfill their dreams. And to give them a great kick start with robust educational facilities and scope.

Universiti Malaya (UM) of Malaysia has secured 59th rank in the QS World University Rankings 2021.

Such accreditation reflects how excellent Malaysia is in terms of education and career-oriented courses.

What are the Intake Periods of Universities in Malaysia?

Universities and colleges in Malaysia offer three intakes to their students every year.

The February or the Spring Intake is the main intake for students to seek admissions in Malaysia.

This is the second intake and takes place during July to August. Student who miss the first opportunity to get admissions can make good use of this chance for a high chance of acceptance.

The November Intake is the last intake of the academic year. Here's there are slim chances of acceptance.

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The preparation begins at least one year before the intake period. For example, if you're planning to get admission in the academic session of July 2022. Start prepping for exams and applications in August 2021.

For colleges and universities who commence their session in February.

The following is the intake timeline:
May - June (One Year Prior) Researching Various Universities in Malaysia
July Registering for international exams
August Preparing the application and obtaining your test scores
September Application process begins
October Application process ends
November Announcement of the results
December Settle financial issues
December-January Apply for a student visa
February End Session commences

Which are the Top Universities in Malaysia?

University Name About the University
Universiti Malaya (UM) Ranked 59 under the QS World Rankings 2021. Universiti Malaya is the top-best option for your bachelor's as well as a master's degree. It was the first university to be established in the country. It is located in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur. This is the finest of the academic as well as employer reputation. Universiti Malaya ranks 13 in its continent.
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) One of the ideal options for pursuing bachelors in engineering. UPM is exceptionally popular among international students. With highly educated faculties possessing splendid qualifications.
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) The third best university in Malaysia is UKM. Reputable for its master's as well as a bachelor's degree in Architecture. This university ranks 39 in Asia.
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Another name in the list of the most prestigious universities in the country. Universiti Sains Malaysia is situated in Nibong Tebal. USM provides a wide range of programmes with various degree options too.

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The basic requirements for studying in Malaysia are as follows:
  • For language, it is necessary to crack IELTS or TOEFL exams. It is only applicable to international students coming from the non-English speaking community.
  • A well-written SOP(Statement of Purpose)

Note: The eligibility requirements depend on the nationality, university and course of the applicant.

Yes, you can change either of them as per your choice, but for not more than two times. To do so, you will be required to obtain a release letter from your current university/college. And an offer letter from the new one. But remember that your current student pass will no longer be valid then. You will be required to issue a new one for continuing another course.

No. You cannot take two different programmes simultaneously. But, you can apply for another degree after completing the current one.

There is no age limit as such for Malaysian student visas. Except for the language institutes, which is 18 to 35 years. The primary requirement is that the students must have completed their 12 years of education. And they must have passed the recognized examination held by the Ministry of Education. To seek admission to a diploma or degree programme.

What are the Documents Required for a Malaysian Student Visa?

Given below is the complete list of all the documents required for availing the Malaysian student visa:

  •  Completed student visa application form with signature.
  •  Valid Passport
  •  Offer letter from the selected university.
  •  Two passport size photographs
  •  Two copies of your valid passport
  •  Academic transcripts of records
  •  Medical certificate
  •  Proof of security and personal bond
  •  Proof of financial support
  •  Proof of full-time course of study approved by the Minister of Home Affairs
  •  Approval letter

Note: All University related documents must be approved by the pass and permit division of the Immigration Headquarters of Malaysia.

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A Personal Bond is like a security deposit. It is made on your behalf by the institution you will be completing your degree. They will return your sum once your stay has been completed unless you have violated any laws.

An iKAD is like an identity proof for international students in Malaysia. This is issued after you receive your student pass. You are required to carry it wherever you go. Instead of your passport (except for international travel).

What is the Application Process for a Malaysian Student Visa?

Following are the steps that need to be followed for getting the Malaysian student visa:

  • Step 1: Contact the institution where you want to seek admission and apply for a student visa there.
  • Step 2: Complete the given form with your details and signature and submit it.
  • Step 3: Provide your documents required as well.
  • Step 4: Wait for the acceptance of your letter.
  • Step 5: Once the confirmation is received, your institution will apply for your student pass.
  • Step 6: After being processed through the Immigration, they will generate the approval letter.
  • Step 7: Before you leave for Malaysia. Remember to share all your flight details and arrival points with your university.
  • Step 8: One of your institution's representatives will come to the airport to pick you up and brief you. Within two weeks of your arrival. You will get your Student Pass in the nearest immigration department.

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In Malaysian colleges and other educational institutes, the language of instruction is English. This is to test whether you're comfortable with the language in written and verbal modes. Therefore, taking such an examination is a necessity.

IELTS isn't the only English Proficiency Test for student- applicants.

You can apply for any one of the following tests at acceptable scores:
  • TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)
  • PTE-A (Pearson Test of English - Academic)
  • CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced)
  • CPE (Cambridge English: Proficiency)
  • MUET (Malaysian University English Test)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Before filling out the application form for a student visa.

Make sure you avoid the following mistakes:
  • Spelling or grammatical errors
  • Missing the deadline for application submission
  • Filling in wrong or old details
  • Not attaching the required documents
  • Sending the copy of an invalid passport
  • Submitting an incomplete application
  • Going unprepared for the visa interview
  • Not having evidence for financial resources
  • If you're a new applicant, you can apply for the student visa that lasts for the entire duration of your course.
  • For applications that are renewed timely, the duration is usually 1 year.
  • For language courses, a student visa lasts for 12 months generally.

What is the Cost of Living in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers a plus and affordable lifestyle to all immigrants. The cost of living in Malaysia is much lower when compared to countries like Singapore, US and the UK.

On an average, your total cost of living per month will be around 700 - 800 USD.
Here's a table for the specific costs:
Services / Items Cost per Month (USD)
Off-Campus Accommodation 200 - 600
On-Campus Accommodation 80 - 150
Food 150 - 250
Transportation 20 - 50
Utilities 80 - 100
Personal Expenses 30 - 100

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Malaysian universities offer various scholarships to international students. Those who are burdened with financial issues. This is to ease out their educational expenses based on their talent and skills. Look at the website of the institutes you are planning to apply to. And read about their scholarship schemes, eligibility criteria, application procedure, examination, etc.

The government of Malaysia has proposed Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) for graduates. Those who are seeking to pursue further education (post-graduation, Ph.D.). Through universities in Malaysia.

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Other Important FAQs

Yes, the students studying on such visas are allowed to work and intern but under some restrictions.
  • For example, they can do part-time jobs for not more than 20 hours per week, except when it's a holiday season or a long break.
  • Second, students can work part-time only.

After pursuing education from Malaysia, the horizon of opportunities is endless.

All you'll need is a work visa, which can be applied for through your employer.

With remarkable qualifications from top Malaysian universities, there's no way the country wouldn't want to utilize you as a resourceful asset.

The cost to study in Malaysia depends on the course and university you have selected. It is impossible to suggest an approximate figure for the same. But if you were to pursue a MBBS in Universiti Malaya, your 5 years' tuition fee would be approximately USD 160, 300. And if you were to study Bachelors of Computer Science, your total fees for 4 years would be around USD 15,800.

Yes, indeed. After you receive your student pass, you can apply for opening your bank account in Malaysia.

You can select any of the two options:
  • One way is to apply through your institution. And they will take care of your student pass's approval.
  • The other way is to hire a visa consultant and apply online on the Education Malaysia portal.
The latter is a better option.
  • Because not only will they take care of your application procedure, but will also prep you for your international examinations and visa interviews.
  • They will guide you thoroughly regarding your institution.
  • And will suggest the best options for accommodation, part-time jobs, etc.

Even if you apply for a student visa before-hand, you will receive it after arriving in Malaysia. So, if you go by words, you are entering the country without a student pass. But technically, you will be required to show your approval letter at the airport. That was issued after your application for the visa has been accepted.

Post your arrival into the Malaysian land. You must undergo a medical screening or medical examination to ensure you're healthy. And free of any concerning diseases which might trigger a community spread.