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If you are a non-EU resident who wishes to work in Poland, you must first obtain a work permit. The work permit you receive is only good for one job, and you can only use it to complete the tasks listed on your application form. You would need to apply for a new work permit if you change jobs. A work permit is only valid for three years.

Poland offers five work visa types; these include:

  • Type A – If you find employment based on an employment contract or civil law contract with an employer with an office registered in Poland. This is the most popular work permit.
  •  Type B – This work permit is valid if you are a board member and residing in Poland for a total period that exceeds 6 months within a period of 12 subsequent months.
  •  Type C –You can apply for this work permit if you are sent to Poland by a foreign employer for more than 30 days in a calendar year to work for the foreign employer’s subsidiary or branch office in the country.
  •  Type D – You are eligible for this visa if you are sent by a foreign employer to work in export services on a temporary basis. The foreign employer must not have a branch or subsidiary of its own in Poland.
  •  Type E – You can apply for this visa if you are going to take up work-related tasks that do not fall into any of the above four categories.

The procedure for submitting an application:

Your employer is responsible for obtaining a work permit on your behalf. Assume that you have met a willing employer and that your stay has been legalised (either on the basis of a visa you have obtained or on the basis of a residence permit). To obtain a work permit, your prospective employer must complete a work permit application that includes the name of the company you are hiring for as well as your possible job description within this company.

Documents required to be submitted by the employer

  • A completed application form
  •  Evidence of payment of application fees
  •  Confirmation of the legal status of the employer from the National Court Register
  •  Current records of the employer’s economic activity
  •  Copies of the applicant’s passport pages with relevant travel information
  •  Evidence that the applicant has health insurance
  •  A deed for the company
  •  A copy of a statement regarding profits or losses of the employer
  •  A copy of a contract in accordance with the service being provided by the business in Poland

Work permits are issued by a local “voivode” (government land head) and are issued for the duration of stay needed to perform the work stated in the declaration of your employer. You need to sign an employment contract with the employer that applied for your permit to make the work permit valid. 

Your employer is legally obliged to:

  •  Give you the employment contract in writing
  •  Provide you with a translation of the employment contract in your preferred language
  •  Check the validity and make a copy of your residence permit or visa
  •  Notify social security and health insurance institutions within 7 days after the employment contract is signed which gives you access to free healthcare; sickness leave and other social benefits.

Benefits of a work permit

Once you get the work permit for Poland, you can:

  •  Legally work in Poland
  •  Legalize your stay in the country
  •  Do the work defined in the work permit
  •  Sign a work contract with your employer

The processing of the visa should take about 10 to 12 days. Once you have entered Poland on a work permit, you can legally work here.

How Visa Studio Can Help

Visa Studio Plus is one of the leaders in Poland's immigration and visa consulting services. Our teams have worked on thousands of Poland visa applications and we have the knowledge and experience to help you throughout the process. Our services include:

  •  Complete visa application support
  •  Assistance with collecting supporting documentation
  •  Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  •  Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate
  •  Job search assistance

Why work overseas in Poland?

There are many reasons to look to Poland as a good work overseas destination. These include –

  •  Among the most developed economies in the world
  •  Strong economic position within Europe
  •  Ranked among the best countries for female workers
  •  A lot of opportunities for skilled foreign workers
  •  A high rate of English used as a second language
  •  Centrally located, well-connected to the rest of Europe
  •  Great international community
  •  No language barrier, many international companies in Poland seek English, French, and German speakers
  •  A low cost of living, when compared to other European countries
  •  Great healthcare system

Industries facing skills shortage –

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