Study in Dubai 2022: A Complete Guide for Studying in the UAE

Top-universities and a complete guide to studying in Dubai.

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Dubai offers globally recognized educational institutions beaming with great career opportunities. Did you know that studying in Dubai is much cheaper than elsewhere? So, put your best-foot-forward and stand out among thousands of applications.

For Indian students aspiring to study in Dubai, here are some important things you should know about applying for a student visa in Dubai.

Annual Intakes in the UAE

In Dubai, the under-graduation courses admission happens in the months of April/May; July/August; and again in December/January months.

The post-graduation courses admission happens in the months of July/August; and in December/January months.

In some universities, the admission happens all through-out the year. So, the admissions happen in fall, spring and summer. The Fall season attracts most of the international admissions.

Top Universities in Dubai

  •  American University of Dubai
  •  S.P. Jain University
  •  Manipal University Dubai
  •  British University Dubai
  •  The Canadian University of Dubai (CUD)
  •  Strathclyde Business School, Dubai
  •  The Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering & Economics, Dubai Branch
  •  The Murdoch University, Dubai
  •  Manipal University, Dubai
  •  Hult International Business School
  •  Amity University Dubai
  •  Heriot Watt University
  •  London Business School
  •  Cass Business School, Dubai
  •  Middlesex university

Local Universities in Dubai

  •  The Dubai Medical College for Girls
  •  Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University
  •  Institute of Management Technology in Dubai
  •  Dubai School of Government
  •  The Dubai School of Dental Medicine
  •  The Higher colleges of Technology
  •  Biotechnology University College Dubai (BUC)
  •  Zayed University
  •  University of Dubai
  •  Al Ghurair University
  •  Khalifa University
  •  University of Dubai
  •  The Islamic Azad University UAE Branch

What are the Types of UAE Student Visas?

Type of Student Visa Visa Purpose UAE Student Visa Cost
Family-Sponsored Dubai Student Visa It is referred for the students who are attending an educational institution. The students are allowed to apply for the visa application as per their parent's sponsorship.

Visa Processing Fee:

AED 2300 – 2700

Refundable Visa Deposit:

AED 2500 – 3000

(The refundable amount can be returned after the completion of studies in the Universities.) *There may be a need for
AED 1300-1500 for health insurance if
your proposed university needs it as a mandate.

Educator Sponsored Dubai Study Visa The visa type helps the students in receiving a UAE student Visa until the course completion. With this, the university can sponsor the students for full-time.
Short Stay Dubai Student Visa The visa type is for the students exchanging a short period of stay in the UAE. It is granted with a 60 days stay and can be renewed when required.

Note: Above provided information is as per the official website of UAE government.

Eligibility Criteria for a Dubai Study Visa

Let us now discuss and understand the basic requirements while applying for a Dubai Study Visa.

  • Students should submit LORs, personal essays, marks sheets, predicted grades to the respective university website.
  • IELTS score and a minimum score of 65% - 70% is required in the 12th standard.
  • IELTS score and a minimum score of 65% - 70% is required in the 12th standard.
  • 6.5 score in TOEFL/IELTS, is needed.
  • Students have to submit LORs and personal essays to the selected universities.
  • Most business schools prefer 2-3 years of experience for admission.
  • Students should submit their personal essays, LORs, and grades.
  • Selected candidates will have to attend an interview.

Documentation for a Dubai Study Visa Application

The following documents are required to process the visa:

  •  Photocopies of Passport about 4 in number.
  •  Once the student arrives in the UAE, he/she has to submit three copies of passport with an entry visa stamp.
  •  An offer letter which is an evidence of acceptance to UAE tertiary institute
  •  Evidence of funds in the form of bank statements.
  •  In case the student plans to live in the university provided accommodation, then a tenancy agreement is required.
  •  A photocopy or softcopy of the tuition fee receipt for the program selected for the current year.
  •  Visa fee copy for the current year study of the intended course.
  •  An attestation of the under graduation for the students intending to apply for the post-graduation.
  •  Medical test results taken at an authorized UAE medical center

Application Process for a Dubai Study Visa

The 8 steps for obtaining a Dubai Student Visa:

  •  Step 1: Choose Dubai as your destination for higher education.
  •  Step 2: Finalize your Course and Institution in Dubai.
  •  Step 3: Check out the visa and entry requirements.
  •  Step 4: Apply for your required course.
  •  Step 5: Obtain your I-20 and Offer letter from UAE University.
  •  Step 6: Attach all required documents as per the checklist to your visa application.
  •  Step 7: Submit your application at the Dubai Visa application center with required fees in cash.
  •  Step 8: After visa approval, collect the visa copy from the application center to move to Dubai.

Related FAQs
To apply for the student permit in Dubai, you have two pathways.
  • The first one is the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship- ICA (online applications only )
  • The second path is the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) (online and offline applications)

The Dubai Development Authority (DDA) provides an opportunity for all the students to enroll at the 23 academic institutions in Dubai's creative clusters and the region's free zones. These 23 numbers represent 50% of the branch campuses. Students can work part-time and gain real-time experience in a developed economy like Dubai and gain a competitive edge over their peers.

This new regulation by the DDA ensures that the students working part-time and the employer providing work opportunities are legally protected.

Eligibility criteria for students to avail the part-time job opportunities:
  • Students should be enrolled in any of the 23 academic institutions in Dubai's creative clusters.
  • Students should be 18 years of age.
  • Students should contact the Career Services Centre in their respective Academic Institutes/universities/educational institutions.
  • Students should check their eligibility at their Academic Institute. Once the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, they will get the Student Eligibility Confirmation application. This application should be signed and submitted to KHDA for validation.
  • If in case our application is selected and approved, the student will receive a confirmation email.

Costs of Studying in the UAE

  •  Dubai is a sophisticated city, and the cost of living for a student can vary from $1200-$1500 USD, which includes food, rent, entertainment, and other expenses.
  •  An undergraduate program can cost between 37,500 to 70,000 AED.
  •  The living expenses for an undergraduate can cost approximately 2500-4000 AED.
  •  The fee for a post-graduate program can cost 55,000 -75,000 AED per month.

Processing Time for a Dubai Study Visa

It takes around 2 to 5 weeks to process a student visa. It is a smooth process, assuming you have submitted the right documents.

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Other Important FAQs

If a student stays out of the UAE for longer than six months, their student residence visa becomes invalid and they will be denied entry to the UAE until it is canceled. Usually, the sponsor will report the visa holder to the immigration authorities.

If you are in Dubai as an international student and pursuing education on a student permit, then you are officially not allowed to work in Dubai. You can work in Dubai with an internship offer with the prior permission from their respective universities. Some universities help and support students to get internship programs.

Dubai has excellent education programs at an affordable fee due to the education-friendly government policies. The education system is at par with global standards. Dubai is certainly an ideal place to study your dream course.

The UAE government approved a student visa for five years for all the meritorious students who scored 95% and above in their academics. The University students should score a 3.75 GPA in their graduation. The minimum age for applying for a student visa is 18 years.

For all the other students, the visa is issued for one-year and later renewed subject to a certificate of renewal from the university. The visa can be renewed as long as he/she is a university student and has not completed the education for which he/she has gone.

Dubai’s economy is growing. The fantastic city has a lot of infrastructural growth. The city is a smart digital city with many technological embedments. The education system is also focused on city development. In such a scenario, Engineering is the most demanded course, followed by business administration, medical sciences, and then information technology.

In engineering, civil engineering is most demanded, followed by mechanical engineering and petroleum engineering. In the business administration stream, marketing is in demand. Finance, accounting, and quality management are in the queue for demand. In the medical sciences domain, medicine and surgery have a lot of demand in Dubai. IT-related education, networking, information security, and information systems are in demand. In the other streams, early childhood education, followed by English teaching, is in demand.

The government of UAE has introduced a 5 year visa program for students falling under the "Outstanding" category. In order to meet the eligibility, candidates need to possess the below requirements:

Should graduate with a 95% grade from a secondary school.

At Least a 3.75 GPA from the universities within and outside of the UAE.

Note: For the male children who are above 18 years, the UAE government doesn’t allow for any sponsorship. However, it can be excluded, if the duration of the study is minimum a year or if the education is from a UAE institution. And, there are no restrictions on females for receiving sponsorship.

Requirements for MBA Courses in Dubai:
  • A minimum of 2-3 years of work experienced is needed for getting an admission to MBA in Business Schools in Dubai.
  • A bachelor's degree or similar can be accepted if you are having a minimum of 65 percent.
  • The students will be called for an interview before the final process of selection.
  • Need to submit LOR, mark sheets of previous classes, essays, predicted grades.
Requirements for Master's Courses in Dubai:
  • There is no need for GRE or GMAT for most of the Dubai universities.
  • You need to score at least 55 percent to obtain admission in a top university
  • You need to prove your language proficiency, band score at least 6.5.
  • Need to submit LOR, mark sheets of previous classes, essays, predicted grades.
Requirements for Under-graduation:
  • The score requirement varies but mostly ranges between 60-75 percent.
  • Take an examination of IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum score requirement is 6.0.
  • Most of the undergraduate level applications are done separately on the website of the respective university.
  • Need to submit LOR, mark sheets of previous classes, essays, predicted grades.