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This page provides the most essential information that is necessary for obtaining a US Tourist Visa.

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The U.S. is a melting pot where people from different ethnic backgrounds and national origins exist. This country's most significant cultural aspect is that it recognizes its people not by their ethnicity but by their citizenship and allegiance. The culture of this country embraces all the elements, be it conservative or liberal, and gives the rights of free expression, individualism, and egalitarianism. All of these different people were united by a common goal to make the country better. Many instances and events in the history of the United States constitute the building blocks of its culture. Some of these are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The culture of the United States is also very diverse, and this is what makes this country stand out among other countries.

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The variety in American culture is unique in the world. The places of interest in the U.S. are unlimited, from classy urban marvels and jazzy nightlife to quaint little countryside beauties; the country boasts something for everyone. Washington, D.C., the capital city, houses the three most important buildings, the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. At the same time, New York is the influential centre for finance, fashion, culture and arts. Home to Time Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and other iconic buildings, New York is a fast-paced city. Another famous city, San Francisco, is known for its beautiful landscape, foggy locales, cable cars, and vibrant Victorian houses. San Jose, the technology hub of the U.S., is also known for its architectural landmarks. Las Vegas, a city in Nevada, is famed for its buzzing nightlife, hotels, casinos, iconic dancing fountains and endless entertainment options.

Best Time to visit United States

The seasons in the United States vary by region, but the best times to visit the country are in the spring and fall. However, the summer months of May to September are generally considered the peak time for tourists to visit the country.

The Spring season arrives a little later in the Northern United States. The season lasts from March to May and is the most beautiful season for the majority of the country. Because of the varied terrain, it is the peak season heritage site and a great time for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and camping.

Another pleasant season to visit the USA is autumn, which lasts from September to November. At this time, the country celebrates the Harvest season. Camping, mountain driving, and rock climbing are some of the tourists' most enjoyable activities during this season. 


The summer months, however, may bring hot and humid weather to the country despite being the peak tourist season. It's a great time to go to the beach and explore nature.

The hurricane season in the United States occurs in August and September, making it inconvenient to visit the country. Another time that could be disastrous is during the December snowfall, which lasts until February.

Winter is generally considered an offseason for visiting the United States. However, visiting the country around Christmas and New Year's Eve may provide a unique experience.

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Visa Fee for United States Visit Visa

Visa Type Base Charge
Visitor Visa $160 USD

Documents required for United States Visa

  • Original Passport with 6 Months Validity from date of travel
  •  Visa Application Form
  •  2 Photos: 35 X 45mm, white background, matt finish 80% face size
  •  Covering letter mentioning details of applicants, passport details, travel details and who will bear expenses details
  •  Financial statements
  •  Employment Proof and Pay Slips
  •  Income Tax Returns
  •  Hotel bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the intended stay
  •  Flight reservation of return or round ticket
  •  Marriage Certificate if married

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