How To Migrate To Quebec in 2022?

The Federal Skilled worker program has a very high threshold. This makes it difficult for many skilled professionals to immigrate to Canada. Whereas, Québec Skilled Immigration Program offers an easier path to Canada.

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Quebec Immigration: How to Immigrate to Quebec as a Skilled Worker


Being a highly unique province of its own, the approach of Quebec in terms of acquiring the right immigrant talent is also different from other provinces. The immigration process of Quebec targets and gives preference to the French-speaking applicants who have a great edge when compared to their peers. Any foreign applicant who wishes to get into the province of Quebec must undergo the two-step process to get selected, which are named selection and admission. Quebec Immigration program selection is within the province, whereas admission happens at the federal level. Candidates who go through the selection and admission can migrate through the Quebec Immigration program to Canada. The federal government has given the privilege to the province of Quebec to grant a PR visa among other provinces, hence making the Quebec immigration program a separate process. The Ministry of Quebec Immigration authority possesses the ultimate rights to select any candidate under any stream to enter into the province. The ministry will be sending an attestation letter named Certificate of Selection (CSQ) stating that they are shortlisted. The validity of the CSQ relies on two factors, where it can be used up to 24 months or until the concerned applicant receives the notification from Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) board regarding their permanent residence. An applicant who gets their CSQ form approved must complete all their procedures for permanent residence in 24 months from the date of CSQ issued. The role of the federal government gets restricted here with the checking of the background and also the health condition of the applicant by validating the respective certificates.

Programs Under Quebec Immigration

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

This program is intended to intake skilled workforce talents who suit perfectly according to the diversified market needs of Quebec and have a strong future in the province to get settled financially independent. The provincial government carries out unique point-based selection criteria based on age, education, work experience, language proficiency, character verification, and health condition as well.

This Quebec Immigration program is for French-speaking and non-French speaking candidates. However, high accuracy in the French language can give you increased points in the overall assessment.

It is mandatory to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the online Arrima portal to be a part of this Quebec Immigration process.

Quebec Business Immigration

Any businessman or entrepreneur who are financially capable to invest, collaborate or purchase a business and develop the same in the province of Quebec under anyone of the following business streams

  •  Quebec Investor Program
  •  Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  •  Quebec Self-employed Program

Quebec Investor Program

Investors who have the minimum required net assets or invest with the help of a Quebec financial intermediary to start a business are eligible for the Quebec Immigration program to Canada

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Candidates who have the financial caliber and have enough experience to manage a business or take possession of a business in Quebec will be considered a part of this Quebec Immigration process to Canada.

Quebec Self-Employed Program

This program allows self–employed candidates to migrate to Quebec and have their own job. Candidate with the required net assets along with two years of experience as a self–employed worker is eligible for this program.

Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)

Individuals who are already staying in the province of Quebec as a graduate or skilled worker can apply under this scheme to acquire their permanent residence visa if they are found to be eligible. The candidates who are found to be eligible will get a CSQ initially to proceed further.

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